Ronnie Halden

A special TBF eshot for a special man. We are deeply saddened to report that, following a short illness, Ronnie Halden has passed away. Ronnie was Head of Creative Marketing at BigWave Marketing, an active part of the local business community and a keen supporter of Torbay Business Forum for many years.

In his own Linkedin words; "I am a creative marketer with a pocketful of ideas who just loves finding innovative solutions that my creative colleagues can bring to life - this in turn makes our clients very very happy! Communication is key, which I find very easy, as meeting and talking with people is a very enjoyable part of my working day.”

Overlooking Ronnie's footballing and language tastes - Chelsea FC and Cockney Rhyming slang - we will miss the football bantering, creative ideas and interesting conversations during business events. We will take time out to celebrate Ronnie's business life at our next event on Tues 10th Jan.

Our thoughts and wishes to his family, especially his wife Pippa and daughter Hannah.

Funeral details will be published shortly.
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