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Torbay Breakfast Bytes - 13th April

Opening Up! Register now to hear TBF Chair Steve Reynolds and Jim Parker from Torbay Weekly discuss business and community issues with our invited guests:
  • Carolyn Custerson, Chief Executive of ERBID – Opening Up the Bay
  • Chloe Pavely, Owner of award-winning Fishcombe Cove Café – Opening Up Business – and Toilets!
  • Adam Fletcher, Andy’s Man Club and Women’s Wellbeing – Opening Up – #itsokaytotalk
With big thanks to event headline sponsors, Torbay Weekly and Bishop Fleming, and to our Producer, Emily Tucker from South Devon College.

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Torbay Business and Chambers Network

The next open meeting of the TBCN will take place on Tuesday 20th April from 4-5pm.

This event - hosted by representatives from the three Torbay Chambers and Torbay Business Forum - is designed to help businesses network with each other.

This meeting is open to all. It features discussion of local business topics, plus breakout rooms so you can contribute and network with other members online.
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torbay weekly

Torbay Weekly - Naturally inspiring

Celebrating our first birthday recently, local news remains at the heart of all we do, news about people, business, sport and the events that make Torbay such a vibrant place to live and work.

We provide information that is important to the community. We like to write stories about new local businesses, highlight special events and bring you general information about anything that impacts the heart of that community. A news operation for the community by the community. Doing old-fashioned things in a modern-way for our readers and advertisers.

Our aim is to be 'Naturally Inspiring' and deliver 'Naturally Inspiring' content because that is just what beautiful Torbay is - 'Naturally Inspiring'

The TBF is a voluntary organisation which brings businesses together, professionally and socially, to help make the area a brighter place to live, work and play. Please help us spread the word by joining our mailing list and linking to our social media platforms.
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