1. Aims and objectives of the Forum
      The Torbay Business Forum is the politically and financially independent voice of Torbay’s business community. Its aims are:-

      1. To act as an umbrella organisation that brings together representation across all business sectors and economic drivers in Torbay.
      2. To provide the opportunity for major economic influencers to consider each other’s viewpoints.
      3. To influence economic decision making whenever deemed appropriate.
      4. To provide a platform from which the views of its members can be communicated to Totbay Council, the Torbay Development Agency, and Heart of South West LEP.
      5. To provide and encourage networking opportunities for its members
      6. To provide support wherever required to attract inward investment


    1. Membership
      Membership of the Forum is open without subscription to members of Torbay’s business community, being members, owners or employees of any of the following categories:

      • Local business representative bodies recognised by the Forum Executive. (This includes representatives from Business Support Agencies).
      • Businesses based in Torbay
      • Torbay Council


    1. Forum Subcommittees
      These will be created by the Executive as and when required to enable the aims of the Forum to be achieved and may include the following:-

      • Transport, Communication & Manufacturing
      • Finance & Funding
      • Planning & Town Centres
      • Marine, Tourism & Fisheries
      • Membership & PR

Forum members will be eligible to join a sub-committee after being registered as a member for at least 12 months.

28 days before each AGM all eligible members will be invited to state if they would wish to join a subcommittee and if so if they have a preference.

The existing Chair of each subcommittee (who will be an Executive member) will have determined the number required for that Subcommittee to operate efficiently.

Subcommittee members will be elected/re-elected at the AGM to be held in March or April of each year.

Immediately following the AGM, each subcommittee will elect its chair, who will have been elected to the Executive at the AGM.

The Subcommittee will meet as regularly as necessary to manage the affairs of the Subcommittee.

  1. The Forum ExecutiveExecutive members shall be nominated from the Subcommittee members who have served for at least 12 months prior to the AGM.

    The Forum Executive shall consist of not more than 20 eligible members of the Forum, elected annually from the nominated Subcommittee members at the Forum’s AGM. It is anticipated that the minimum number from each Subcommittee will be 2.

    The Forum Executive shall meet as regularly as necessary to manage the affairs of the Forum.

    Immediately following the AGM the Forum Executive shall elect from within the Executive a Chairman, and a Secretary, each of whom may hold such office for not more than three consecutive one-year terms.

    A quorum shall consist of not less than 9 members

    The Forum Executive shall have power in its discretion to delegate its responsibilities to sub-committees and working parties and to co-opt members,