Dear TBF Members

Friends of South Devon College Students helps disadvantaged students in times of need so they can carry on with their education and help their life chances. 

Some students face barriers like homelessness, domestic violence, child poverty and mental health that make it hard to study. 

Alan Hart, the founder of the Friends of South Devon College, has recently passed away, a loss that will be felt by many people, especially his family, close friends and colleagues. 

Alan’s passion for helping students of the college was paramount. The creation of the Friends charity was a designed to be a beacon of hope for students, who struggled to attend the college and get the education that everyone so rightly deserved.

I know that you have been supportive of our work in the past which is why I am writing now.

We urgently need to raise funds to provide support and intervention at these critical times of need. Our support includes warm clothes, emergency housing, free breakfast, free transport, counselling and mental health first aid. 

There are a growing number of students in need but we have been unable to fundraise over the last nine months so we are urgently seeking vital support now. 

  • £25 helps to provide warm clothes for those without any.
  • £50 helps to provide mental health first aid for those who are desperate. 
  • £100 helps provide emergency accommodation for those who are homeless. 

Whatever you can donate will go a long way to making a big difference. All money goes directly to support those in need and all who work for the charity volunteer their time. 

You can donate online now at

And you can find out more about the charity at

Thanks so much for your time and any donation you feel able to make. 

Yours sincerely 

Jenny Bindon

FoSDC Trustee