Make it Net Zero Torbay is a free support programme designed to help local businesses with reducing their carbon emissions and saving money on their energy bills.

Participating businesses will benefit from a bespoke package of support to help them assess their current carbon impact, identify bespoke actions to reduce their impacts and hopefully save money. A decarbonisation plan for making it all happen will also be produced, making it as easy as possible for the business to deliver it.

Participating businesses also have the potential of being awarded grant funding to support their decarbonisation plans and introduce energy saving measures. For example, a company could receive a grant to install energy efficient lighting or part fund a new heat pump.

Your decarbonisation journey

Participating businesses will follow four simple steps on their decarbonisation journey with Make it Net Zero Torbay…

Step 1: Review your starting point

Explore the carbon impact of your existing business processes.

Step 2: Understand your current benchmark position

Gather current emissions data to generate a baseline report which will provide a benchmark for improvement.

Step 3: Prioritise actions for effective carbon reduction

Identify the areas of focus that will result in the most significant carbon (and cost) reductions to prioritise and implement immediate improvements.

Step 4: Ongoing Progress

Develop a bespoke decarbonisation plan and timeline to help your business work towards, and achieve, its net zero goals.

Take part

Businesses of all sectors and sizes from across Torbay are encouraged to take part. To book your free place, complete a short online form here.