At the March TBF event, a packed room of nearly 100 people heard from 3 great speakers:

  1. Steve Reynolds, TBF Chair – highlighting the work we do at the TBF in bringing businesses together. Please let us know your key business issues to add to his summary of parking, planning, roads, skills, ASB. 
  2. Liam Bailey EF Torquay – ambitious plans to welcome 800+ foreign students this summer. Great for the local economy and if you have a spare room, you could host a student for £120/week tax free. Please spread the word and get in touch with Liam for more details.
  3. Carolyn Custerson, CEO ERBid – Tourism Hot Topics including :
  • 93% of the Bay’s visitors are from the UK – predominately from Midlands and Wales who have been coming for years and love it!
  • Major impact of cost of living crisis – shorter, less frequent trips – together with the huge increase in costs across the board and recruitment challenges.
  • The new FHL tax changes may also adversely affect our local economy – time will tell.
  • Coach parties are increasing, 5 cruise ships due this year and, by focusing on sustainability & accessibility, accommodation providers can differentiate and grow.

So thank you to everyone – delegates, speakers, sponsors – Wollens and TDA – and the Riviera International Centre for managing the ever increasing last minute bookings(!). 

To see the pdf of the slides – please click here